Robert Jackson has joined with Mark Osgood to found Ashwood Labs in Wilton, NH. Please get in touch there.

Solving your instrument design problems
when everyday engineering fails

Instrumental Design Physics, LLC works to solve your R&D bandwidth issues: designing, proto­typing, and modeling your instrument components from the physical structures to the data they produce.

We have extensive experience with mass spectrometers and other charged particle analy­zers, sources, detectors, ambient/vacuum interfaces, vacuum systems, and associated tech­nology, as well as with advanced data acquisition and processing techniques.

This expertise is enhanced by our in-depth knowledge of the special material constraints that these devices impose, includ­ing ultra-high vacuum, non-magnetic, high voltage, high temp­erature, thermally stable both mechanically and chemically, and many combinations of these.

Instrumental Design Physics employs a full suite of CAD tools including Solidworks Pro­fessional, modeling tools such as Simion 8.1, and open source CFD and PDE tools inclu­ding Open Foam, FreeFem++, and Fenics; and analysis tools including Mathcad and Python Scypi.

You can read about the background of the founder and principal scientist, Bob Jackson, PhD, or visit his Linked­In profile. Please get in touch if you have a problem in instrument design that goes beyond the expertise of your staff.